Labour & Delivery (Birth) Preparation

I will perform an assessment of your body and pelvis to determine if there are any areas of tightness and/or weakness that may impact your pregnancy and birth.  This often includes an internal pelvic floor examination.  I will perform hands-on therapy, and recommend specific exercises, to create body balance and symmetry.  Creating balance within your body will help make it easier for your baby to travel down the birth canal, and will help to ease any pains that you may be feeling.  I will perform pelvic and perineal awareness so that your body knows what sensations to expect during birth, and I will give you strategies to manage those sensations, such as breathing techniques or position changes.   I do recommend your partner attend one session with you to review labour and birth positions, as well as comfort measures that may help during labour and birth.  Lastly, we discuss your fears and goals about your birth experience, as your own thoughts and beliefs can either positively or negatively affect your birth.  My goal is to help you feel empowered and confident about your upcoming birth.