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Get your mind AND body prepared for this transformational journey with this online prenatal course

Go into your birth

If you are pregnant and answer yes to any of these questions, then this course is for YOU!

You have fears, anxieties, uncertainties and overwhelm regarding pregnancy, labour & birth, or the postpartum experience.

You are worried about the pain & potential trauma that may be experienced during labour and birth

You want to decrease the occurrence of the typical postpartum pelvic floor and core concerns such as loss of bladder control, pelvic heaviness, pressure, or pain, and abdominal separation (diastasis recti)

You know nothing about birth and want to increase your knowledge about it

This course will:

Increase your confidence and help you feel prepared for your upcoming birth

Give you practical strategies to prepare your mind and body for birth and postpartum recovery

Improve your birth and postpartum outcomes as well as increase your overall satisfaction with the birth experience

Allow you to learn at your own pace and complete the modules in the comfort of your own home (plus lifetime access)

Provide you with ongoing support during pregnancy & beyond

It's okay if you're feeling scared and it's okay if you've done nothing (or maybe everything) to prepare and still don't feel ready for birth, because I've got you covered.  Becoming a parent is a huge freakin' deal and just like you wouldn't run a marathon without preparation, you shouldn't just hope that things will turn out fine and just "go with the flow".  Why not set yourself up for an easier, more satisfying birth and postpartum recovery?  Join me and the other Mamas in the Ultimate Childbirth Community!



Ultimate childbirth preparation course

For a better pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Only $149.00 CAD

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My Story...

(Why I created this course)

When I become a Physiotherapist I had no intention of becoming a Pelvic Health Physio.  In fact, I didn't even know it existed, until... I had two children.

I went into both of my labours with the intention of "going with the flow".  I did take a prenatal course which was great but since I had no fears, I figured I didn't need to do any other "work" to prepare.

Although my babies were healthy I was left with the feeling that there had to be a better way to birth.  For both my girls, I was instructed to hold my breath and bear down like I was popping.  This strategy may work for some, but  I vividly remember how exhausting and un-natural this felt to me.  And guess what?  I ended up with perineal trauma, bladder leakage, and pelvic organ prolapse (that's where one or more of your pelvic organs descends down toward the vagina and can actually protrude out of the vagina 🤦).

So this is when I found out about Pelvic Health Physio, got treatment myself, and started on my journey into perinatal education and recovery.

I am a Registered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Childbirth Educator, Physio-doula, and Mom of two and I want all women to experience better pregnancies, births, and postpartum experiences. 

What this course includes

Along with a printable course manual, video instruction, hand-outs, and some great bonus material, Sherry will guide you step by step through the course.  It is recommended that you and your birth partner complete the course to ensure both of you are prepared for your birth and postpartum journey. You have lifetime access to the course which means you can access it at any time, go back to review any topics of your choice, and use it for any subsequent pregnancies.

(Total Value $2,200)

Module 1: Anatomy & Physiology

Understanding your Anatomy & Physiology including the Pelvic Floor and Core, and how Pelvic Health Physiotherapy can benefit you. This module will form the foundation for the modules that follow as you will have a deeper understanding of your body, which will enhance your connection to your body.

Module 2: Pregnancy and your changing body

Understanding your changing body during pregnancy, learning daily exercises that can help ease your pains and improve your movements, and knowing that you have power and choice over your birth preferences. Includes a downloadable birth preference template as well as home and hospital birth checklists to make it easier for you. As a BONUS, you have access to a sample 3-Day Pregnancy Meal Plan created by Jennifer Linton, CNP from Jennuine Holistic Nutrition www.jennuinehn.com and a 10 minute prenatal yoga practice by Sherry.

Module 3: Practical Strategies to Prepare for Birth

Connecting to your Mind AND Body, and learning strategies to prepare your Mind and Body for labour and birth.  These techniques will also serve you well during postpartum journey.  This module includes mindfulness practice, breathing strategies for labour and birth, stretches to prepare your pelvis for birth, and perineal massage. Your BONUS includes a downloadable guided pelvic healing meditation and pregnancy meditation, along with a printer friendly birth affirmations.

Moldule 4: Labour & Birth Process

Understanding the normal labour and birth process which can ease your fears and anxieties of "the unknown", learning strategies to help encourage labour to start, and knowing the various labour and birth positions that can improve birth outcomes and help with your postpartum recovery.  BONUS Hand-outs for labour and birth positions are included.

Module 5: Understanding & Managing Pain

Understanding pain and other sensations that may arise during labour and birth will help decrease any anxieties around them.  With understanding comes less fear.   You, and your birth partner, will learn and practice specific hands-on techniques, such as acupressure and counterpressure, that can increase your comfort.  In this module you will also learn about the medical pain management options. BONUS pain reducing hand-outs including acupressure, rebozo and counterpressure.

Module 6: Potential Birth Interventions incl. Cesarean Birth

Becoming aware of the potential interventions that may take place during labour and birth so that you are confidently informed and a part of the decision making process.  This module includes instrumental delivery, episiotomy, cesarean birth, and vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

Module 7: Postpartum (all about baby)

Learning newborn procedures and how to care for your little one, including the importance of skin to skin contact between you and your babe, as well as infant feeding, bathing, sleep, and warning signs. As a BONUS to this course you will have access to a breastfeeding hand-out and video created by Dr. Laura Kent-Davidson, ND, IBCLC at www.laurakd.com

Module 8: Postpartum Recovery (all about you)

Postpartum recovery plan to enhance your healing.  This is often missed in most prenatal and childbirth education classes, and is an essential part of this course.  Learning what to expect and how to manage the potential issues that may arise, such as bladder leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, pain with intercourse, and diastasis recti. BONUS return to exercise checklist. 

Sherry's childbirth course was wonderful! It allowed me to control and calm my fears around labour and birth.  It helped me to understand the process my body was about to undergo and gave me a better idea of what I wanted and didn't want during that time.  I felt so much more confident in myself and in my body And the best part...it was amazing for BOTH my husband and I.  He really enjoyed the course and learned the best ways to help me during labour.  I highly recommend this course, especially for first time moms!

Kaylea, First-time Mom

This is the best childbirth class I have taken!  What I love about this course is it goes into the "why" and "how" your body does what it does during pregnancy and birth, instead of just "what" is happening.  The knowledge you gain in this course takes away the fear of the unknown and makes you feel confident and prepared in your ability to birth your baby. It taught me to trust my body and my instincts. I was confidently able to have an unmedicated vaginal breech birth and I highly recommend this course to any expecting parent whether it's your first or your fourth!

Cassidy, Mom of 2

I highly recommend Sherry's Ultimate Childbirth Preparation Course for all expectant mothers.  It was very informative and well laid out.  It took me through every single step along the way, including postpartum care and recovery.  I loved that I could do the course modules on my own time and at my own pace.  Sherry was always available to answer any questions I had :)  Thank-you Sherry!

Krissy, Mom of 2

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Frequently asked questions

I'm concerned about the cost. How do I know this course is worth that cost?

This course is truly an investment in yourself and it can be life changing! This is a value packed signature course with loads of practical techniques and tips that you can do today to help improve your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. With Sherry's expertise and comforting nature you will not be disappointed. And after 48 hours if you are not satisfied with the course then you will get a full refund, so there is absolutely no risk! What do you have to lose? Except maybe the pain, fear, and anxiety that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can bring.

What I still take this course if I'm 37 weeks pregnant?

Yes! You can take this course anytime during your pregnancy and the earlier you complete it, the more time you will have to implement and practice the suggested activities, so that you are uber prepared for your baby's birth. And since you have lifetime access to the course you can go back and review any of the material at any time. If you are later in your pregnancy, then the course can be completed in one day, but for optimal results I suggest taking it slow so that you will retain more information and have the time to get your mind and your body ready.

What if I've already taken a prenatal course?

That's great! You will have a better understanding of the labour and birth process as well as the potential interventions that may take place, but this course will provide you with important information that is often left out of typical prenatal classes such as the role of the pelvic floor, how to prepare your mind and body for birth, how to optimize your postpartum recovery and so much more.

What makes this course different?

Great question! I have personal, as well as professional expertise working with many pregnant and postpartum women. As a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Childbirth Educator and Physio-Doula, I observed disconnected and conflicting information out there regarding childbirth and postpartum healing. Childbirth has been very medicalized and I want women to learn to trust and listen to their own bodies and know that whichever birth path they choose is the right one for them. This is a judgement-free zone and I will support you in whatever decision you make. There are also way too many women experiencing traumatic births which have lasting effects on themselves and their babies and in many of the cases this can be prevented with proper education, support, and preparation. That's where this course comes in. I will educate and empower you while giving you practical mind and body strategies that you can use to optimize your birth and postpartum journey. I want to help pregnant women world-wide have births that they can be proud of while having easier postpartum recoveries. This course is an investment in yourself one that you don't want to miss out on.

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Ultimate childbirth preparation course

For a better pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Only $149.00 CAD


If, after 24 hours, you are not satisfied with the program then we will issue you a full refund.  So this is risk-free!

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The Ultimate Childbirth Preparation Course is designed for educational purposes only and is not considered medical advice. The information in this course is guided by evidenced based research, clinical experience and personal experience. The Ultimate Childbirth Preparation Course is designed for the general pregnant population and does not provide individualized medical care. Participation in the course activities is voluntary and at your own risk.  Should you have any health concerns please seek advice from your primary healthcare provider.