5 Exercises that can help Decrease your Sacroiliac Joint or SIJ Pain.

Your sacroiliac joint aka SIJ is the area where your sacrum (triangle shaped bone at back of pelvis) connects with your ilium (one of your pelvic bones). Often you can see a little dimple in this area that is just to the side of your lower spine, at the top of your butt. Refer to the above diagrams to help you locate this joint.

Often with SIJ pain you have pin point pain over this location. The pain can refer down into the buttocks but it does not typically go lower than the knee.

A couple of weeks ago I experienced some Right SIJ Pain and these exercises completely eliminated my pain! So if you have pain in this area I suggest you give these exercises a try.

There are some circumstances when you require some bodywork or hands-on manual therapy to get the pelvic balanced and symmetrical so please book an appointment with me if you require further assistance.

5 Simple Exercises

It is important that if any of these exercises make your pain worse, you need to stop and reach out to me for help.

Let's get started:

  1. Leg Dangle

  2. Forward Fold

  3. Knee to Chest

  4. Spinal Twist

  5. Self Gluteal

Would love to hear how you made out! Send me an email or book an appointment from the top of the page.

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