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The best positions for birth are positions that keep you most comfortable and allow baby room to move. When baby is given room to move he can choose the best position for himself to allow for an easier birth, which benefits both you and baby. So how do you know what positions give the most room? Well you can take my childbirth education course and learn the specific positions based on anatomy and stage of labour ;) and you can remember these three letters ---->G-M-S which stand for:


Gravity: Use gravity to your advantage and be upright as much as possible, as long as you or your baby do not have a medical reason that you cannot be upright. Being upright takes advantage of gravity which will help to move baby down through your pelvis and through the birth canal (vagina). What if I have an epidural? Most of us believe that we have to labour and birth on our backs when we have an epidural and that is false. You can still move around in bed, raise the head of the bed, or try side lying, and many women are even able to get into a hands and knees positions with assistance. When we labour and birth on our backs it means we have to work harder against gravity and it blocks our sacrum, the triangle shaped bone at the bottom of our spine, from opening, thereby making birth much more challenging and more painful. So being upright can make it easier and less painful for you and your baby.

Movement: Use movement, and ideally rhythmic movement, to help move baby down the birth path. Movement will also keep you more comfortable as you will be less likely to get stiff and sore from being in one positions for too long. So dance, sway, walk or jiggle your baby out :) Side note: when labour gets intense, you may want to find stillness during contractions and movement between contractions.

Support: Use some kind of physical support so that your body doesn't have to work as hard. For example, sit on a birthing ball, lean against your birth partner, or grab a bar with your hands. I recommend practicing various positions and supports while you're pregnant so you have an idea of what feels best for you right now.

Most importantly I recommend you learn to tune into and trust in your body. Allow your body to guide you into positions that are best for you and your baby. By allowing your body to do what it is designed for you will definitely increase your chances of a smoother, calmer, more confident, and less painful birth experience. For all of this and more check out The Ultimate Childbirth Preparation Course which has been designed to improve birth outcomes and postpartum recoveries and if you live in Ontario you can book an appointment here.

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