Build Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Are you wanting to strengthen your core and pelvic floor and not sure where to start? Then keep reading to find out my core progressions that are pelvic floor and diastasis safe :)

You will use the core breath with all the exercises. If you are not familiar with the core breath and need further guidance then read the Restore Your Core blog post from July 2020. A quick recap of the core breath is to relax the core and pelvic floor on the inhale and engage it on the exhale. This utilizes the full range of motion of your respiratory and pelvic diaphragms thereby optimizing full function. When you use the core breath during movement you typically "exhale on exertion". So during the hardest or most challenging part of the movement you are exhaling and engaging your core and pelvic floor. This often feels backwards for most people but our core muscles naturally activate on the exhale. You may have to practice this multiple times a day before your body gets used to this pattern.

Are you ready to get started? Just remember that this is for the general population and is not medical advice, so if you perform these exercises then you do so at your own risk. If you would like an exercise program specifically designed for you then you would require a physiotherapy assessment and can book here.

The following exercise progressions utilize the "bend to extend" pattern which is a functional movement pattern that most of us use in our daily lives. The exercises get progressively harder starting on your back and then getting you upright while integrating a load, balance, and then impact.

Perform each exercise until fatigue, meaning you have a nice muscle burn (typically felt in the glutes/buttock) but are still able to maintain your form. If you lose your form, are holding your breath, or have any pain then you stop and go back to the easier progression.

Hope you enjoyed working through these progressions. Now have some fun using the core breath with your own exercises to utilize your core and pelvic floor with every rep.


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