Lately, I've had some questions regarding self cesarean scar massage so I have put together a 5 min video demonstrating how this is done. Of course there are other techniques that can be used, so listen to your body to determine what is best for you.

This particular technique can also be used with any scar. All scars should be massaged to prevent restrictions or adhesions from forming. These restrictions are what can eventually effect the function of our bodies. A cesarean scar can contribute to back/hip/pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, and bladder dysfunction, such as the increased urge and frequency to pee (urinate). So it is important that we assess and treat this ourselves, or seek the help of a healthcare provider who does scar tissue release work.

First off, you want to make sure your scar is healed, which is usually around the 6 week mark after your birth. Prior to massaging, I would suggest starting with gentle touch to re-connect with this area of your body. If touching is too much, then start with just looking at your scar.

Prior to direct scar treatment start working with the tissues around your scar. Once you are comfortable, you can then perform direct scar massage.

There are 3 layers of tissue. The first layer is the most superficial and consists primarily of skin. The second layer is the muscle layer, and the third layer is the visceral or organ layer. Through-out all of these layers there is a substance called fascia, so you will be working with your fascia in all three layers.

You can perform a general massage, but if you want to treat specific areas of restriction, you can sustain pressure over that area until it softens and releases. When holding this pressure, allow your body to relax, and breath into your hands to aid in the release process.

It is important to note that you do NOT want to produce significant pain with this. You also do NOT want to force the tissues, as this can create pain or more problems. The sensations your may feel are tightness, firmness, burning, or tenderness. You may also notice areas that are sensitive to your touch, or you may find areas of numbness. These are common symptoms postpartum. Be kind to your body and give it some time to heal.

You may also experience different emotions when working with your scar. Again, this is quite common. By acknowledging these emotions and allowing them to pass, you will achieve optimal results, as your body releases what is no longer serving you.

Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

With love,


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