Does Your Pelvic Organ Prolapse Got You Feeling Heavy?

Do you have pelvic organ prolapse?

Prolapse actually means ‘to drop” and that is what happens with pelvic organ prolapse (POP), as one of your pelvic organs (typically bladder, uterus, or rectum) drops or protrudes into the vaginal canal.

Common symptoms include:

· Vaginal or rectal pressure or heaviness

· Low back or pelvic pain

· Bladder leakage

· Bladder urgency

· Vaginal bleeding

· Seeing or feeling a bulge vaginally

· Problems with sex

· Tampon or diva cup not fitting properly

· Difficulty with bowel movements

Some women are also asymptomatic as there are various stages of POP.

Stage 0: No Protrusion

Stage 1: Slight protrusion into the vaginal space

Stage 2: Protrusion near or to the vaginal opening

Stage 3: Protrusion out of the vagina

Stage 4: Full or complete protrusion out of the vagina

This is extremely common affecting up to 50% of women, so let me tell you that you are not alone! POP is often dismissed by health care providers and you may have heard, “well, you’ve had kids” or “you’re getting older” or perhaps even, “then stop exercising!” This is crazy talk because I have seen tons of women not only manage their symptoms but resolve them completely without surgery. POP can even be preventing from happening in the first place.

So if you want to avoid surgery, or avoid feeling embarrassement, shame, or fear, then I have a solution for you >>> Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. This will allow you to chase your toddler, lift your baby, return to running, enjoy sex again, and move with confidence!

If you are ready to learn how to prevent, manage, or recovery from your prolapse then click here to book online now.

Move Well,

Sherry xo

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