Harness the Power of Your Period

Updated: May 8, 2020

Are you a Woman with a Period? Then this is a must read to Harness the Power of Your Period and Feel the Flow.

Menstruation is a universal female experience and most of us are taught that periods are a pain in the ass and seen as "dirty". Many of us feel embarrassment, shame, and even pain during our cycle. Well I am here to tell you that those beliefs are false. Your menstruation is a natural beautiful experience. If you want your "time of the month" to be a nurturing one, and you want to Harness the Power of Your Period, then please read on.

It's called a cycle for a reason and we are gifted with our own four hormonal phases, just the the four seasons. Each phase of our cycle serves a different purpose. Think of your period as the season of winter. When your period comes it symbolizes a letting go and it gives us time to think about what we want to create, grow, and nurture within ourselves and within our lives. Surrender to the slowness and stillness and you will have more energy for the next phase in your cycle, which is when your bleeding stops and you start creating and growing something new.

Your period is the time to release what is no longer serving you. Releasing your stress, releasing your past experiences, or perhaps, releasing your judgments. I encourage you to try my free pelvic relaxation meditation to help you with this. Allow all your unwanted energy, thoughts, emotions, and experiences to flow out of you just as your period is flowing freely out of you. Think of your blood loss as releasing all of those things in your life that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential.

Do you struggle with heavy painful periods? I believe this is your body's way of telling you to Slow Down. We need to listen to our bodies and give ourselves permission to rest. Our periods serve as a time to slow down, turn inward, and reflect. This is an opportunity to meditate, take a walk in nature, drink a cup of tea, soak in a bath, or journal. This will allow you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, and even your deepest desires. Often during these times of observation and reflection, you will get new insights and inspiration that come to you and connect you to your Inner Wisdom.

Try the tips below to help restore your Feminine Energy and Harness the Power of Your Period.

* Relax during your period. Take some time to rest and be by yourself. Stop those intense work-outs and large social outings during this time, especially during the first couple of days.

* Drink plenty of fluids especially water and warm herbal teas.

* Wear comfortable clothing.

* Practice good menstrual hygiene. Change your pads, tampons or cups on a regular basis, and clean your vulva with water.

* Spend some time in Nature. Get Outside and Connect with Nature. This allows you to feel grounded and balance your energies. Breath in the air, Smell the Flowers, Hug a Tree, or Walk Barefoot on the Grass.

* Add some heat to your life. Take a bath, drink warm fluids, or snuggle up with a heating pad.

* Get good Nourishment with Whole Foods and Green Leafy Vegetables. Craving something sweet? Then try some dark chocolate or fruit. Still feeling those cravings? Then turn inward and pay attention to what your body needs. Only you can determine what that may be. And if you do choose to eat that slice of pizza then you have permission to thoroughly enjoy it :)

* Try some journaling. Write down your insights and your dreams. Often we are more intuitive and spiritual during this time, and through journaling, you will gain insight and self knowledge.

To Harness our Period Power we need to Honour Ourselves and tune into our Inner Wisdom. Once we align ourselves with our feminine cycle, we can become more confident, creative, powerful and feel proud to be a woman.

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