Can Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Help Me?

pelvic health physiotherapy pelvic floor physiotherapy Sherry Heenan Cobourg
Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Have you even heard of pelvic health or pelvic floor physiotherapy? If you are on this page, I'm assuming you are interested in it or you have already reaped the benefits of it.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is a form of physiotherapy where you have a Physiotherapist who is highly skilled in the area of pelvic health, particularly the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles at the bottom of our pelvis that keep us from peeing and pooping ourselves, give us stability and support, promote good sexual health, help us with baby making, and it helps to pump fluids through our bodies.

Is an internal exam necessary? Not always, but it does give me valuable information so that I am better able to help you. An internal vaginal or anal examination/treatment does not have to be done at every appointment and sometimes it only has to be done once.

What if I don't want an internal exam? No problem! I only do what you consent to and only perform techniques that you are comfortable with. There is so much more to my assessments/treatments and an internal pelvic exam is just one part.

Do you treat only women? Although most of my practice is made up of females, pelvic health is not just for the ladies. When men come in to see me, I know they are desperate for help and I am happy to assist.

How often do I attend appointments? This depends on what you are seeing me for but most typically appointments are weekly for an average of six-eight weeks.

How long are your appointments? The initial assessment is 60 minutes and follow up visits are 30 minutes in length. I am always accessible through email or social media should you have any questions or concerns between your appointments. You have my constant support.

What kinds of things do you treat? The most common include:

- Bladder/bowel incontinence: involuntary leakage of urine/feces.

- Pelvic organ prolapse: you may have a sense of pelvic pressure or heaviness and may see or feel a bulge vaginally.

- Overactive bladder: increased urgency and frequency of your urination.

- Pain with intercourse

- Back/hip/pelvic pain

- Pregnancy related pain

- Labour and birth preparation

- Postpartum recovery (Vaginal or Cesarean)

- Digestive Concerns such as IBS or constipation

- Endometriosis

- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

So if you have any issues or concerns with bladder, bowel, and sexual function, have unresolved back/hip/pelvic pain, or if you are pregnant or postpartum, then you should seek the help of a pelvic health physio. Still not sure if it's for you? Then book a free consult by clicking the link above or calling the office at 905-372-2369.

Yours in Health,

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