What is a Birth Affirmation and how will it benefit me?

Birth Affirmations are short positive phrases or sentences that are often repeated and used to instill feelings of calm and confidence during your labour and birth. This is part of the mental prep that I highly encourage you to practice daily during pregnancy to help prepare your mind for a positive birth experience. Thoughts create emotions, so by repeating these positive phases you will begin to feel positive emotions. This can be especially helpful if you have unsupportive thoughts or beliefs. The moment you notice an unsupportive thought replace it with one of your birth affirmations.

It is best to choose birth affirmations that truly resonate with you and I want you to really feel into the positive emotions around those affirmations.

Examples of birth affirmations include:

* Me and my baby are safe.

* My body has the inherent wisdom to birth my baby.

* I am powerful, strong, and capable.

By using birth affirmations, you are sending out the intention to trust in your body and surrender to the surges, while allowing labour to progress. By repeating these phrases it can help you to remain calm. This is so important because when our mind is calm our body is calm. This will relax your pelvic floor, which in turn will reduce your pain and help with labour progress. Who wouldn't want an easier labour?

Write your affirmations on post-it notes around your home, set affirmation reminders on your phone, or write them in your journal. However you choose to do this is up to you but it is important to practice during pregnancy so that these phrases come more naturally during labour and birth.

You've got this mama!

Sherry xo

P.S. I'm always listening so if you are interested in more birth preparation then send me a personal message

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